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Pastor Paul Brown Bio:

I was born and raised in Mitchell County, Iowa and have lived in that county for all but about 2 months of my life. I grew up on a farm and worked for over 60 employers (that I can remember) in my lifetime. Many of those employers were farmers who needed seasonal help. Then God called me to be a pastor. He had been calling me for a long time as I had taken some Seminary classes right after high school, but I had been busy running the other way until one of the elderly ladies in the congregation encouraged me to stop running and follow God’s lead. After my first wife passed away, I was very lonely.


There was a posse of local women chasing me but none of them felt right. After nearly 2 years, I finally went on an internet dating site and found Karen. We were married 8 weeks after my first email… time was a-wasting and we had a ministry to start together. Less than a month later we began Midwest Cowboy Ministries and brought along our friend, Cathy. We are no longer in the church I was pastoring then, so we hold a service nearly every Sunday morning in a nursing home in a neighboring town. An old church member and friend resides there, so we decided to hold services there until I am called to pastor another church. In the meantime, I love singing for God and serving Him in whatever ways He calls me to serve.

Life Verses:  John 3:1-16

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Karen Hahn-Brown Bio:

I was born and raised on a Dairy Farm in South-Central Wisconsin. My sister taught me to play guitar and sing harmony. Beginning at age 15. I joined a local gospel music group called the Valleytones. While in that group, I played bass and sang High Tenor. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 32 years. Having met and married Paul, I moved to Iowa in 2014 and I currently work part time in nursing home in a neighboring town.


Leaving a legacy to my 2 beautiful daughters and 3 granddaughters is very important to me. Having lived over half a century, I fully appreciate the wisdom gained through life experiences (i.e. Mistakes!) and realize how much I still need to learn... value that wisdom highly... hope to share it with others and help them along the way. I continued my college education by studying Biblical Counseling and founded Midwest Biblical Counseling, so I could help others along the way. My past experiences are why I am so determined to fully surrender my life to God’s will for me now.

I'm still learning to surrender my life to God. Surrendering goes much further than committing my life to God. Surrendering is giving up ALL my control... a very difficult thing to do… to die to self and self-control daily!!! But I believe that the rewards will be worth it, both here and in heaven. God has gotten me through some awful times in my life when the only joy I felt was in church while praising Him in song. So, when I sing, I choose to sing gospel music. I hope to bring more of that into the Osage area and into Midwest.

Life Verses:  Deuteronomy 30:15-20

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Cathy Lee Simon Bio:

Out of His Great Love:

Coming from a small North Iowa farm, I was not nurtured in the music that God placed within me before I learned to walk and talk. Nor was it encouraged as a lifetime career. However, I was nurtured with love and a strong faith in God. My quest in life to fully understand the depths of His great love has brought me to this place. I’m listening to God… what would He have me do? I began to pray for someone to sing with, and prayed for more than 3 years, both on my own and in Paul’s prayer group. Then God brought Karen into Paul’s life… and the rest is history.

Life Verses:  Psalm 40:1-3

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Dave and Beth Anderson

Dave plays his Ode banjo for the band. His first instrument was his mom’s Silvertone guitar, which he taught himself to play at the age of nine. He started to play the violin in the school orchestra. As a boy, he watched the banjo players on the television show, Hee Haw, with great interest. By this time, Dave’s parents were not surprised when he picked up his father’s new banjo and was proficient enough in no time to teach Dad to play! Over the years he continued to teach himself to play various instruments, and now is fully functional on any type of bass, guitar, mandolin, drums, hammered dulcimer, plus his fiddle, and banjo. Not only has Dave played in various bluegrass, country, and variety bands in his lifetime, he also helped Beth develop their own family band for the benefit of their children. Presently, Dave is kept busy freelancing in computer repair, piano tuning, string instrument repair and recording studio engineering.

Beth keeps a steady beat and holds down the bottom end for the band on the upright bass. Her musical career began when started to sing and play an instrument as a child. Her first instrument was her older brother’s recorder. She learned to play the ukulele and flute in elementary school and bought her first guitar at the age of 14. Later she learned to play the mandolin, electric and upright bass. After meeting Dave, Beth was brought into Dave’s family band and later followed Dave in various other bluegrass and country bands playing electric and upright bass. Beth home-schooled their five children which included musical training on various instruments. As their children grew old enough, a family bluegrass and gospel band developed naturally. They still play for churches and local events on occasion. Dave and Beth live in Preston, Minnesota and Beth is the director of the Preston Public Library.

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