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Midwest Cowboy Ministries

Midwest Cowboy Ministries began when our own Cowboy Church musicians were asked to do services in other churches. Rather than forming a traditional band, we decided to form a flexible team of experienced musicians who will come to your church or venue and work with your local musicians to put on a Cowboy Church service.

We use an informal jam session type format for a program that is full of surprises and fun. Many times our musicians choose songs that the other musicians have never heard before. We do our best to play along and harmonize. The result is usually pretty good. Whatever happens, we know that God uses it for His glory... and that is our goal... to glorify God. Several of the team members are capable of delivering a brief gospel message to go along with the gospel music program.

You might even be blessed with a mini-magic show or a visit from "Dusty the Cowboy" aka Pastor Paul Brown.


We are busy adding new songs with every program and we are beginning to perform some of our own original gospel songs. We have put our our first gospel music CD and are beginning to raise funding for production of another CD.


Donations to support this non-profit ministry may be sent to: Midwest Gospel Ministries, 1103 Main Street, Osage, Iowa 50461-1730. You may also donate online using the link below.


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